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Went to Old Navy with my dad this morning. Nothing in the boy's or men's section looks good on me -- all of the pants that my hips can actually fit are huge in the leg width and makes it look like I have two tree trunks attatched to my pelvis. The pants that fit my legs are too wee for my fucking fat arse. Went home empty-handed, not to mention depressed and discouraged. Gotta lose my chub before shopping again, looks like. Shit.

Doctor's appointment was actually pretty uneventful. Basically, I explained my situation to her, my mom added in her bit occasionally, and the doc kind of just gave my parents the green light to go ahead and start getting me into therapy and work towards whatever'll make me comfortable and happy with myself. Otherwise, not much happened. A teeny tiny step in the right direction, but a step nonetheless. But now we gotta find a good shrink, which'll take god knows how long. Things are going awfully slow.

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