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Happy New Year's.

I'm actually going to attempt to make serious resolutions this year. Most of my life I've been pretty slack in this department, but lately I've been getting more and more organized, and making lists and setting goals for myself has really helped me -- not just in getting towards my impending transition, but with life in general.


Definitely won't happen at the start of this semester, as hoped. Maybe even not until the summer. But it's going to happen.

- Lose weight and fat, mostly by eating better/less and becoming more active. Get fit, lift weights, go for walks or bike rides.
- Outfit self with a proper gentleman's wardrobe. Get rid of feminine articles of clothing.
- Therapy, both with a pyschologist and that transgender/genderqueer youth group that I found at the Billy DeFrank GLBT Center in San Jose. Join GSA.
- Educate family on transgenderism and FTMs. Go easy and be patient.
- Establish new male name (consult with parents) and use it, as well as male pronouns.
- If I can get my parents to green-light it, testosterone by the end of the year. Fingers're crossed.


My art has sort of take a backseat what with the whole gender identity crisis going on. But I want to keep at it, seeing as I hope to make a future as an illustrator/comicker/animator or whatever.

- Keep sketching, dumbass. Don't slack off.
- Work at character designs. Girls too, if possible.
- Stop drawing in bits and pieces, go for full bodies. Full torsos and faces, at the very least.
- Practice inking and coloring, and FINISH SOME PICTURES.
- Try to get a tablet, and practice digital art.
- Look for good classes to take over the summer, and make sure to include Art 2 in next year's schedule. Ask about Art AP or courses to take at De Anza.

Music-wise, I really gotta get off my ass, too.

- Practice your flute and tin whistle more often.
- Pay attention to rhythm. You suck at reading beats and keeping time.
- Start learning more challenging pieces.


Well, keep good grades. It just sounds better all attractively alliterative like that. My parents are already panicking about me neglecting my education for my gender issues, despite the high A's I have in all of my classes this semester. But next semester's going to be tough, what with Chemistry Honors and Algebra 2/Trig and World Lit all at the same time, so I gotta stay sharp.

- Attempt to maintain 4.0.
- Don't procrastinate as much, and do your homework earlier. "Early" does not mean "at midnight."
- Make an effort not to completely bomb the SATs.
- Join CSF, try to apply for some scholarships and stuff.
- Check out potential colleges and start making plans for the future.


Uh, miscellaneous.

- Money. Ease up on your parents' financial burdens and get a job, or arrange a garage sale or two to sell some old clothing or something (a good way to get rid of old girly shit). Divide into college cash, boy box (for T or top surgery in the future), or shit $$$.
- Learn to drive? Ask Dad about getting a permit, but after transition so's to not have to redo the license.
- Since transition'll probably require quitting Girl Scouts, find somewhere else to volunteer at. Maybe that LGBT center if they need it and if it's not too far away, or with a club at school. But do some good.
- Stay organized. Write your lists, set your goals, and keep your goddamn room clean.
- Don't flake out on family and friends. Show and share the love.
- Be more responsible and mature. You're going to be sixteen. Don't fuck things up.

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