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So, hair.

In terms of body hair, I'm pretty noncommittal. I could do with or without it, though I have to say that I really kind of want a happy trail. That said, I think I'm actually getting armpit hair. More so in my right 'pit than my left. Cool.

As for facial hair, uh. While I'm still going as a girl, my little 'stache is really kind of embarrassingly ugly, but as a guy, it doesn't really matter to me. I would, however, kill for some sideburns.

Not so happy with my actual head hair at the moment. I vastly prefer short hair to longer hair on guys, but I've yet to find a style that suits my facial features and shape. I'll grow it out for now and we'll see where things take us then. Maybe if/once I get on T, my face will change enough for me to pull it off better.

Speaking of which, I think my hope for getting T in the next year was a bit idealistic. Given my parent's skepticism and reluctance, my age, and the average rate of guys getting on T after so-and-so years of therapy or whatever, I think I might've been a little too optimistic. But, y'know, here's hoping.

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