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So so so so so so so tired.

Hell Week and the beginning of the new semester. Between panicking over Chemistry Honors and trying to get all my homework done on time and scrambling madly to fix the sound equipment and get all the tracks down properly on the cue CD and running around trying to help fix every little last-minute crisis and rehersals, I haven't had much time for anything other than stress this past week. It wasn't pretty, but it's almost over.

I did have my first appointment with the pyschotherapist on Monday, though. It actually wasn't particularly exciting -- the lady was nice enough and listened well while I responded to her prompts and stuff. Since it was just the first appointment, nothing much really happened outside of me explaining myself and my beliefs and wants to her, but she says next time we're probably going start making moves towards constructing some sort of timeline to transitioning. I haven't talked much to my parents about the appointment since I've barely been home all week, but we'll get there.

I'm almost down to 115 pounds, which means I'm about ten away from my ultimate goal (~105), but I've gone down two belt notches and my pants are feeling considerably looser. My thighs and calves still look awfully large but I've definitely slimmed up a bit. By my birthday next month I think I'm going to try buying new pants again, and hopefully it won't be such a disheartening experience as last time.

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